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“ if you can’t imagine it, your model can’t capture it, and that means the evidence won’t reflect it.”

Our team guides its clients on vital teamwork, problem solving and holistic decision-making skills and links these to a new breed of systems integration for real delivery of improved impact, economic performance, well-being and zero waste systems. You will learn practical exercises to encompass the identification of current and future environmental challenges and socio-economic shifts that are changing the role of business and institutions in society. Furthermore, in applying the Sphere Economy systems thinking and applying practical, real world, day-to-day situations, you will learn how to highlight and measure the true impact of and between decisions, as well as analyse the findings materially to understand relevance and meaning, which can be applied to any workplace position.

Boards and Executive Committees

Boards and corporate leadership are faced with increasing pressure to meet sustainability expectations of both external and internal stakeholders.  Whether these bodies find themselves at the beginning of the journey wanting to establish the appropriate infrastructure or needing the right training to engage with the sophisticated teams they have put in place, Sustainable Viability can guide Boards and Executive Committees in asking the questions to promote a stronger dialogue to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Sustainable Viability can also advise on board selection to help organisations ensure that they have the skills necessary in today’s environment. 

ESG Reporting

ESG reporting is becoming more sophisticated, yet the real skills and practical experience needed are in very short supply. Assurance and translation of traditional non-financial disclosures are the game changer for all entities. We will train you to be competent in the identification and implementation of these skills.

Stakeholder Integration

Many organisations with established sustainability programmes may have existing internal teams advised by some of the world’s leading external advisory firms.  Sustainable Viability offers training and advice to ensure that organisations are getting the most benefit from these structures. 

Our materials are eye-opening and empowering to change the way you see the complex world in which we are all components and our relationship between the natural world, technology, as well as each other