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“ if you can’t imagine it, your model can’t capture it, and that means the evidence won’t reflect it.”

The Sphere Economy is a proven method of improving bottom line performance by connecting behaviour across organisational silos by re-imagining waste as opportunities lost.  Using this methodology corporate sustainability becomes a search for profitable opportunity.  Furthermore, successful management becomes a collaborative search for innovative opportunity, rather than a task or compliance driven use of employee time.  By using established systems thinking models to go beyond traditional best practice processes we enable managers to think about their habitats more broadly.  Furthermore, as value creation is becoming more networked through digitalisation and less linear the Sphere Economy equips organisations to more effectively create value in a less practicable world.

Systemic Leadership

Organisations of all persuasions miss tricks that leave the link between performance and sustainability underexplored. 

Instead of thinking about how to optimise processes within parts of the business we focus efforts on managing the attrition between disciplines, and the waste it creates, accelerate organisational transformation to low waste, zero-waste sustainably viable entities and value chains. 

Transformation is what you buy into

Over time individuals and organisations as a whole will get quicker and more confident using our practised techniques and technologies. However, the Sphere economy, unlike the so-called circular economy, is not a collection of tactics, it is a whole new way of viewing and managing the organisation.  Using it will radically shift management assumptions, habits and behaviours in ways that improve individual and collective performance.  Unlocking new streams of value creation by using the established and proven Sphere Economy methods is possible for any organisation and will transform sustainability from an exercise in compliance to a strategic value creation process.

Our materials are eye-opening and empowering to change the way you see the complex world in which we are all components and our relationship between the natural world, technology, as well as each other