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Our vision is of organisations and communities that thrive because they are sustainably viable. Consequently we inspire and challenge all those with whom we work to visualise comprehensive systems thinking based on the Sphere Economy and deliver practical ways to realise that vision. We train leaders how to solve complex sustainability issues.


We create collaborations that solve multiple complex issues simultaneously with integrated systems that realise optimal project performance for the owners; optimal environmental and socio-economic returns for the community; and shine a light on previous unseen sustainably viable opportunities.

Global Network – Local delivery

As part of a global network of academics, and technology vendors we are dedicated to zero waste systems and sustainable communities where doing better is superior to doing less bad.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team has a track record that spans over many decades in the application of practical sustainably viable solutions within and across the value chains of SMEs and global organisations.

Critical Systems Thinking

Sustainable Viability introduces critical systems thinking and systemic intervention to advance the practical implementation of high performing zero-waste strategies. The Sphere Economy.

As such, SV highlights the effects of multiple interacting investment, organisational, environmental, and social ecosystems. How actions of each affects the many. How feedback loops inform better decision making to reduce impact between functions – The 5 Essential Steps To Sustainable Viability. How work on one SDG can impact on another – positively or negatively.

SV uses novel interdependent audit tools and methods to optimise all aspects of performance