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We will show how, at first glance, events that appear to have no relationship and nothing in common, have actually deep-rooted connected similarities.

Sustainable Viability and the Sphere Economy

In reality, robust climate action needs to drive growth and jobs in fields that must be both sustainable and viable. To be resilient. 

The Sphere Economy raises the decision making bar by removing attrition and waste between decisions and disciplines.

Our evidence-based approach is founded on practical resource and waste efficient solutions that tackle multiple issues simultaneously. (The 5 Essential Steps to Sustainable Viability).

At present, no research and delivery organisation has a comprehensive agenda that promotes practical action that recognises the importance of a sphere economy perspective to decision making to help temper protectionist reactions and avoid unintended consequences from traditional decision-making processes that undermine value and capital. 

SV Activities

Our approach is to explore, research, understand and map extended activity relationships to improve personal and organisational performance.