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Christopher is a speaker, writer, and advisor on critical systems thinking and systemic intervention to advance the practical implementation of high performing zero waste strategies. Christopher draws on a diverse professional background from systems software design, paper, automotive, fleet and logistics, and finance where he designed and implemented novel reporting and training solutions highlighting the effects of multiple interacting investment, organisational, environmental, and social ecosystems. How actions of each affects the many. How feedback loops inform better decision making to reduce impact between functions – The 5 Essential Steps To Sustainable Viability. How work on one SDG can impact on another – positively or negatively. Christopher has written and co-authored a number of books, published 40 articles and written over 150 private reports and policy papers on a diverse range of topics. Contributed to The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Scopes 1,2,3) as well as keynote speaker and adviser to ASEIC working group on SMEs. Christopher collaborates with European and international think tanks on a diverse range of topics and has conducted deep research and implementation projects from China and Southeast Asia to Europe across many industries. Christopher is a member of the China Foreign Affairs working group as well as CEO of The Paddy Ashdown Forum.