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CEO the Paddy Ashdown Forum and Sustainable Viability: speaker, author advisor. Christopher’s focus is systems thinking and its practical application within human and natural systems as well as at the integration of technologies (hi-tech, low-tech and biotech). Having started his career within application systems programming and testing, Christopher’s consultancy developed many integrated impact, audit and modelling tools and has worked across an array of sectors, industries and sizes advising and reporting on interdependent operational impacts to improve performance, problem-solving skills, eco-innovation, productivity, and zero-waste strategies. Thus, inspired by systems thinking highlight the effects of multiple interacting investment, organisational, environmental, technical, governance, and social ecosystems. How feedback loops of the Sphere Economy inform better decision making to reduce impact between decisions, functions, actions, time, and the biosphere. His books, contributions and papers showcase ideas to accelerate improving relationships of humankind on the natural world and for well-being. With an integrated technological foundation, and electrical engineer, how to use better what we have already to support the United Nations SDGs. Examples can be found in The Five Essential Steps to Sustainable Viability as well as his many articles.